N.Gandhi & Co.

About Us

Having provided tailored solutions for Precision Balls for more than 3 decades, N. Gandhi & Co. is considered as a trusted source for industries like the Automobile, Aeronautic Sector, Cosmetic, Chemical and Mechanical domains. NGC balls are used in a multitude of ways: ball bearings, safety valves, body jewellery, steering column, safety belt applications, and so on.

The company has broadened its product base over the years to include Grinding media and Rollers along with metallic and non-metallic balls including ceramic, glass & plastic. The long standing commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers has earned us advanced expertise and a thorough understanding of hundreds of very specific applications and processes in industries which has helped us in providing customized solutions in all materials, sizes and tolerances.

All the balls we provide are produced in accordance with the standards required by the (DIN), (ABMA) and (ISO). Our quality assurance is also certified by the International Organization of Standardization, Standard 9001 : 2008 by Bureau Veritas.

The company's commitment to its customers and business integrity reflects in its widespread popularity - with a client base that's not only spread all across India but also in other parts of the world.