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Balls made of this material are used for applications requiring extreme hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion, hard shocks and impacts.

The applications include special valves, flow meters, re-circulating ball bearing screws, linear bearings and balls for ball-point pens. They are also used often for minting, as pivots and points of comparators. They are also used for measurements or calibration of holes and measurement checking devices.

  WC Co Grade Hardness
Tungsten Carbide 94% 6% 10,25 1800 Hv



Monel is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, maritime, oil, textile and paper industries.

It is highly resistant to (caustic) alcaline solutions, sea water and diluted sulphuric acid.

Monel-K (500) is often used when higher hardness and resistance are needed.

  N Fe Al Cu Grade Hardness
K-Monel 65-70% 2.00% max 2-4% 25-30% 100, 200 280-325 Hv
Monel 400 63-70% 2.50% max - 31-50% 100, 200 280-325 Hv



This material is universally used in valves and pumps where the greatest resistance is required to corrosion caused by strongly oxidising acids.

Hastelloy-C276 is resistant to strongly oxidising agents such as chlorine, nitric, acetic, formic, phosphoric, sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids, zinc chloride and ammonium solutions, water-based solutions containing chlorine or hypochlorites and acid solutions of ferric and cupric salts.

Hastelloy-D is exceptionally resistant to any concentration of sulphuric acid, up to its boiling point.

  Cu Tungsten Mo Fe Cobalt Ni Grade Hardness
Hastelloy C 276 14.5-16.5% 3-4.5% 15-17% 4-7% 2.5% max. Balance 100, 200 170-185 Hv
Hastelloy B2 1.00 max. 3-4.5% 26-30% 2 max 1.00% max. Balance 100, 200 170-185 Hv
Hastelloy D 1.00 max. 3-4.5% 15-17% 2 max 1.50% max. Balance 100, 200 170-185 Hv



High Technology material used extensively in aircraft applications because of low weight with high strength.

  Ti Grade Hardness
Titanium 99.9% 100,200 130-180 HB



Used extensively in check valves for transporting chemicals. They have high resistance to wear, abrasion and heat.

  C Si Cr W Fe Co Mn Mo Ni Grade Hardness
Stellite 2-3% 1-1.5% 31-34% 16.5-19.5% 3% max. bal. 1% max. 1% max. 3% max. 25,100 600 Hv


Rockbit Tool Steel:

S-2 Tool Steel balls find most frequent use in oil field equipment and offshore drilling operations. They provide good service in withstanding the abrasion or pulverised rock and mud slurries.

  C Si Mn Mo
S-2 0.47-0.55% 0.90-1.10% 0.30-0.50% 0.30-0.50%



Balls made of this material offer excellent resistance to corrosion in general.

The most common uses include various types of industrial pumps and valves.

Brass is resistant to corrosion caused by fuel oils, gasoline (petrol), butane, benzene and other similar types of corrosive chemical agents. It is also resistant in environments where air and salt water are present.

  Cu Zn Grade Hardness
BS 2870 - CZ 123
60% 40% 200, 500, 1000 180-200 HB



Generally low carbon balls (either soft or case hardened) are first copper and then nickel plated in order to achieve good corrosion resistance at lower price than costlier stainless steel balls.

The most common applications include cosmetics (nail polish), stationary products (e.g. anti-drying agent for felt pens and correction fluids), toys (flippers and pinball tables, chinese checkers), and gadgets in general.

  Ci Grade
BS 2874 - C102
99.9% min. 500, 1000


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